Saturday, 4 July 2009

See For Yourself

You can now view the coverage of our story on the BBC2 Politics Show of June 14th. Watch it and see the discrepancies and misinformation in the Council's story.

The first part shows worried residents being interviewed on our estate.


The second part shows our local Labour Councillor, Stephen Cowan, and Nick Johnson, Chief Executive of H&F Homes, being interviewed. Members of the the ruling Conservative Council were 'unavailable'.


See for yourself and make your own mind up as to whether we are 'scaremongering'. Ask yourself this: in our position, would you feel safe?

1 comment:

  1. That was quite an excellent exposé that really brought a number of points to the fore. Good on those residents for stating their concerns in such a concise but heart-felt way, it was very powerful.

    It would be nice if Cowan hadn't repeated his jibes so often about Johnson being sent as a poor substitute for someone actually from Cllr. Greenhalgh's office, but he still managed to point out the glaring inconsistencies in the answers your simple questions are receiving!