Monday, 13 July 2009

More Media Coverage

Good news, our plight and the wider implications of the Greenhalgh approach have been highlighted in the media. See the coverage in the Evening Standard, the Guardian and the Mirror.

It is also worth having a careful read of the NewStart article which highlights some of the discussions that have taken place. Note that Stephen Greenhalgh (the Council Leader) is quoted as saying that "We want to attract people who are very rich."

Note also the final paragraph:
"The redevelopment of the Ferrier estate in Greenwich began earlier this year. Social housing residents there were initially promised replacement housing on the estate, but in the final development plans the majority of new homes are private."

It is always worth reading Guardian writer Dave Hill's blog. He is an incisive and intelligent writer. Also worth signing up for his newsletter Metropolitan Lines.

What is noticeable is how many commentators are making links with the Dame Shirley Porter 'social cleansing' scandal of the 1980's.

Our Council's logo says "H&F, putting residents first".


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  1. "Gerrymandering" seems absolutely right, under the circumstances. I truly wonder if the council would be this hard-line during an election term? Trying to break up and disperse several THOUSAND voting members of a vibrant community, rather than actually APPEALING to them and helping them in any sort of material way and giving them a reason to break the trend of past years wherein they previously voted opposition, seems fairly definitively gerrymandering to me.

    Ever consider, councellors, that there is perhaps a REASON the people of this locality have previously been voting for your opposition?