Friday, 7 August 2009

The Devastating Story of the Ferrier Estate

H&F Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh is fond of referring to the Ferrier Estate in Greenwich as an example of a forward thinking large scale estate redevelopment. He clearly thinks that what has happened there is a good thing.

However, the Ferrier tale, as reported by Shelter's ROOF magazine in October 2008, is a heartbreaking story. Tenants and homeowners alike have suffered terribly and their community has been destroyed forever, a result of either cynical deception or extreme incompetence on the Council's part.

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  1. I keep seeing referral to "consultation" in most of what I read. The need to involve people in the decisions about their homes that affect them.

    Lets look at the evidence. Decent Homes has been undertaken in some parts of the borough. We were told we would be informed, kept up to date and involved. Well it won't surprise you that apart from two meetings prior to the work starting the communication from the council has been non-existent if you are a council tenant.

    The project has been poorly specified, poorly deployed and poorly managed. Staff turnover in key positions at the council has been high.

    Where problems have been raised on our estate with the contractor often they will say "we haven't been tasked with doing that work by the council. We will have to go back and ask them if they will pay for it?".

    The most notable being the down pipes from our building roof guttering. It seems to me that these would at least have been audited as part of the external works to the building as the roof & guttering was being replaced. But "No".

    Been very, very cynical about any member of the council telling you they will consult and involve. Thus far I find it to be merely "lip service".

    Keep up with your campaign. There is an "ill" here for us all.