Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Why We Formed

On the 19th March, Hammersmith and Fulham Council held a "drop in" meeting in the Queen Caroline Estate Residents' Hall in which they said that they have been in discussions with the property developer who owns Queens Wharf. We understand that in fact senior personnel in Hammersmith and Fulham Council have offered our homes to the developer - who would knock them down and replace them with apartments for the rich.

The Conservatives and council officials initially denied that they were talking to any property speculators about destroying our homes and actually wrote to all residents to say that these allegations were just "scaremongering". However, the Council now admits that they have been talking with a Mr. Ira Rapp, the Chief Executive of West City Plc but say that these plans are only for the next "fifteen years". We find this impossible to believe. Most property businesses need to make an immediate return on their investment and most property speculators usually operate on a two to four year plan. We therefore believe that the Council's proposals to demolish our homes will come to fruition over the next 3 to 4 years.

We have also learnt that Mr. Rapp actually met a Hammersmith and Fulham Conservative Councillor and council officials in Cannes on the French Riviera to discuss proposals for Queens Wharf. On 27th February Mr. Rapp told Hammersmith Gazette that he would be very interested in being part of developing such a "key site" when asked about the development of our estate.

We are not prepared to give up our homes. We have set up a campaign committee and will fight any such plans. You can click here to email us directly. We will keep you in touch with what's happening and what we are doing. Please also click on any of the newspaper articles to expand them and view to read.


  1. This just flat out sucks. It's sad that money is more important than people, to some.

  2. Its pathetic when councils lose sight of the fact that they are elected officials who have been given their roles in order to serve the needs and wants of the local community, and instead serve their own political profiles and line community coffers for pretty architectures at the cost of moving out the very people who voted them in. The needs of the local residents whom they serve are supposed to be their first and foremost priority!

  3. Here we can see the roots of the conservatives showing their true colours as "the nasty party" again, a label that the leadership has taken great pains to replace with that of "caring conservatism". However, actions or intentions such as that described here expose, in a graphic way ("PLANS TO BULLDOZE SOCIAL HOUSING FOR RICH RIVERSIDE DEVELOPMENTS"), how some of it's councillors are still vying to create an even more socially devisive and dangerous society with this kind of "rich people take priority over poor" attitude. I'm sure they would not like to have it exposed coming up to general election time that they are operating a cynnical campaign against "the poor" in favour of "the rich" - i.e. spelling the beginning of the end (again) for the Conservative Party's credibility in a nation with a strong sense of fairness. Would they like the leadership to know that this is the kind of message they are throwing around - "Bulldozing Poor People's Homes to make way for Wealthy people". Come on - you (the Conservative Councillors) will not have a chance if it gets publicised WHICH IT CERTAINLY WILL if it gets anywhere near the stage of going ahead. Move on and learn some social decency.

  4. I think it is shocking to learn that the Tories have so little regard for people and their needs. It cetainly shows them in their true colours.

  5. The council is supposed to be working for the people not for the council. This is social engineering and greed. If this goes through it will pave the way for a further reduction in "social housing" (what an unpleasant derogotory term that is) and the creation of "ghettos" on the edge of our cities. Or at least it would if they were actually building more council houses. The bottom line for me is that this is a functioning community. I see no reason to destroy that community for any reason let alone money and self interest.

  6. In this political climate, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between our political parties. But, it is policies such as these that remind us that the Conservatives are a party for the privileged and rich!

    With the demise of Gordon Brown over the last year, I had thought about voting Conservative at the next general election. However, after reading your sad and distrubing story in the local paper about what is happening at the Queen Caroline Estate, I will certinly not be.

    I wish you lots of luck with your campaign and really hope you get the councillors to see sense.

    I also really think you should make this an election issue. People need to be reminded of what the Conservatives actually stand for. People need to know that this is the kind of policy they are sanctioning nationwide if they elect David Cameron.